Process Communication Model – communication training

We train leaders and teams for optimal performance


Are you afraid to be just a number and really want to be perceived as a human being?

Are you unsettled by dictatorial behaviour? Would you like to be better able to assert yourself in unpleasant confrontations?

Would you like to be more self-confident and remain calmer in stressful situations?

For the first time in a leadership role? Look forward to using your strengths confidently with our support, so that you feel comfortable and safe as a leader. Also in personal coaching.

Do you know the following situations?

  • They themselves make “stupid” mistakes under pressure and invite negative criticism, making themselves smaller in front of others. “Why does this always have to happen to me?”
  • Someone constantly gets you to do the work for him and you can say no bad
  • A colleague does not support you accordingly “If that’s too much for you, you’re probably not right here!”
  • A caregiver or a doctor attacks an employee because his instructions were not carried out as indicated.
  • A colleague concentrates on what goes wrong, even if it’s just trifles.

In our seminars

It is especially important for us to practice together with you and to bring the theory to you with the help of many personal examples. They learn a lot about themselves.

After our PCM basic seminar

you can build more empathetic, faster and more effective with other connection. You use your empathy even more successfully to get the cooperation of patients, colleagues and family members, who were previously difficult to motivate. Immediately. The trained method is used successfully worldwide in many areas (eg aviation, NASA, public transport, management, schools, medicine).

They learn to counteract individually when miscommunication leads to mismanagement and ultimately to harm. They take less personal.

These tools have been proven to be very useful in enhancing the working atmosphere of staff, doctors and nurses when it comes to personal interaction.

All participants receive an individual personality profile. This document helps to better understand oneself and to improve the communication strategies, especially for those who have not been reached before.

Get to know us and our method in an introductory workshop

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