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Advanced PCM Course – Dr Weinert Communications

Process Communication Model® Advanced – Seminar & Communication training


Become a PCM professional in five steps

Start applying the Process Communication Model® now! Become a PCM professional in five steps.

Seminar to deepen and practice the PCM Model methods. 

The seminar is directed to leadership staff, responsible persons for occupational health management, doctors, nursing staff, teachers and everyone who already had the opportunity to get to know the PCM core topics.

After two days you are able to:

  • Know your limits in the application of the Process Communication Models® and overcome them
  • Recognize fast the Doors of perceptions
  • Apply the communication channels, to communicate successfully
  • Manage conflicts
  • Recognize drivers and masks and apply countermeasures (conflict management)
  • Understand your own life script and the life scripts of others
  • Influence concrete examples from your own workplace

How do you get there?

  • Simulation including video debriefing
  • Detailed teaching of further PCM concepts
  • Roleplay
  • Praxis supervision
  • Exchange with other participants

Content of the Process Communication Model Seminars

  • Seminar documents
  • Catering for lunch and coffee breaks

Process Communication Model® Advanced – Seminar & Communication training

Dr Weinert Communications

The requirement for registration of the Seminar „Process Communication Model® Advanced! Dr Weinert Communications“is that you had a  Coretopic seminar.

The number of Participants is limited to 12 persons, to ensure individual care and success of the seminar!

Termin:  6. bis 7. Juli 2019
Seminarvenuet: Hubertusstr. 22, München
Invest: 797,- EUR puls Tax.
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