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Simulation Training - Experience PCM!

Process Communication Model® Simulation Training – Dr Weinert Communications

Experience process communication in practice! Simulation training for conflict management, employee motivation, stress management and burnout prevention.

Your experience with the Process Communication Model® has helped you to better understand and reach yourself and others? Now you are interested in experiencing yourself? “From the outside” to observe your handling of stress in interaction with others? Do you enjoy playing and exchanging with others? Then our simulation training is just right for you!

After our Process Communication Model® simulation training, you can

  • Recognize and break your stress pattern
  • Recognize your own behaviour in a group
  • Temporarily adapt your behaviour to the needs of others
  • Look through group dynamics early and intervene if necessary
  • Prevent stress and cope better

This will take you to the destination

Our simulation is a spaceship bridge. Together with your group members they fly the spaceship together and do different tasks. This joint task provides information about the true “human factor”. Subsequently, all group dynamic and individual aspects of the “non-technical skills” are evaluated. Hereby you have the opportunity to modify your own behaviour by experiencing, observing and analyzing.

Registration for the 2-day simulation training Process Communication Model® 
Communication Training Weinert Communications

Prerequisites: Attend the Fundamentals Seminar Process Communication Model. Ideally, advance participation in the 2-day seminar PCM Master Class
The number of participants is limited to 10, in order to guarantee individual support and thus to secure the seminar success! Minimum 8 participants.

Date:  new dates soon 
Seminar: Hubertusstr. 22, Munich  

Seminar fee: .. 797, – EUR plus VAT 
.. 597, – EUR plus VAT while booking the masterclass 
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