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Get to know the Process Communication Model®

Workshop & Communication training Dr. Weinert Communications

What makes me tick? How do others tick? Most of the time, communication runs smoothly -however, sometimes it is difficult or impossible. Getting to know yourself and others is the first step to improve communication.  

The Process Communication Model® (PCM) helps you in an easy way to decipher human interaction and communication styles. Process Communication Model according to Taibi Kahler, does this work for me? Decide yourself in only two hours!

Our get to know offer for you:

Workshop Process Communication Model® – Dr Weinert Communications

Invest only two hours of your time and you can:

  • Assess better the motivation of yourself and others
  • Interact more open with people that have been strange for you
  • Evaluate and understand different stress patterns
  • Experience Aha-Moments
  • Decide if we Dr Weinert Communications and our methods are a good fit for you

Decide, if you want to get a personal Key2Me in the Process Communication Model® workshop

Your individual Personality profile gives you with 45 questions a specific picture of how:

  • You experience the world
  • How you are motivated
  • What kind of psychological need you have
  • Considers motivational changes during your lifetime
  • How you can avoid stress traps
  • How you react under stress
  • How you can prevent Burn-Out
  • Which behaviour triggers stress in you and how you can avoid this

All data is strictly confidential and safe with us. 

Registration for the introductory workshop in the Process Communication Model®
Communication training Dr. Weinert Communications

Date: On-demand 
Workshop-Venue:  Online

Invest Workshop: 249,- EUR  including personality profile and tax (the charges will come from Digistore24)

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