Process Communication Model – communication training

We train leaders and teams for optimal performance

The application fields for the Process Communication Model®

Process communication in workplace health management

When health promotion becomes a management task in the company – communication training and application methodology in the context of workplace health management.

Doctors and clinic

Customized PCM® training to improve teamwork, patient care, leadership, employee motivation, and patient safety in the hospital. 
Doctor and patient in conversation: patient communication in training.

Management training

Process Communication Model Methods for employee selection, employee management, conflict management and employee motivation. 
Change Management: a healthy increase in performance and increase in the effectiveness of oral, written and electronic communication.

Sales & Marketing

PCM® Coaching for Increasing Effectiveness in Sales and Marketing. 
Customer service: improving customer relations, dealing with complaints, increasing customer loyalty.

Education & Education

Process communication for educators and teachers: Create a learning environment with successful communication training and methodology, in which children are motivated and welcomed in diversity.

Team and relationship

PCM® communication training for teams, couples & parents, mentoring seminars.

Spaceflight (NASA) and Aviation

Process Communication Model in NASA and Aeronautics: the selection of astronauts and pilots, training and management.


President Clinton, Senator Hillary Clinton, General Wesley Clark, and many other politicians were selected by Dr Kahler advise and use the methods of the Process Communication Model for their work.

Process Communication Model® Seminars in Germany and internationally in German and English 

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