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Do you have a specific concern regarding leadership, motivating, burnout, resilience, patient communication, customer communication, service training, customer centricity or other similar topics? We have over 20 years of training expertise and a wide range of methods for every target group – from employees to executives.

Call us on 089 23928997 and tell us what you want to achieve. We are flexible and adapt our concepts to your needs.

Here is a selection of topics:


“The 1-Minute-Doctor” – Communication brought to the point!

  • How you establish a trusted relationship — fast.
  • Experience your own strength your personal motivation and behaviour under pressure and how to influence yourself and others.
  • How to motivate others, so that your message is heard.


The power of body language 

  • How to decode the signals of others to understand how they “tick”.
  • How to place your message with the right impact. 
  • How to use your body language consciously to create a positive relationship. 


“Only when I see him, I could puke!” – Managing conflict

  • How to reduce conflict, before they happen, by getting everyone into balance 
  • How to recognize different strength and use them for common goals
  • How to create a culture of trust and open together for the greater good.


 Trainings / Workshops

  • Leadership Development
  • communication
  • conflict Resolution
  • role definition
  • Customer Experience
  • Purpose – my “reason why” as a manager
  • IKIGAI – that’s why I’m here
  • Train the Clinical Coach
  • Patient-centered communication
  • team Building
  • Choices – no one has time
  • Resilience for doctors
  • Feedback
  • Process Communication Model®


  • guide
  • Stress prevention
  • Burn Out Prevention

lectures / key notes

  • Scientific presentation
  • Body language deliberately used
  • Feedback
  • Awareness

A selection of customers who rely on our expertise:

AQAI , Hire a Doctor Group , Lufthansa , World Endoscopy Organization , Hearing Aids Seifert GmbH , Obermenziger Gymnasium , PanBiotec , Praximum and more.