Process Communication Model – communication training

We train leaders and teams for optimal performance

Let´s do it!

Motivate the other people so that they do not get in your way!

Also, reach heavy-handed people who slow you down!

Create keepers to accompany you and support your progress.

New in the leadership role? Develop yourself as a charismatic leader.

Do you know the following situations?

  • A colleague is always focused on what goes wrong, even if it’s just trifles
  • In an emergency situation, stupid mistakes happen constantly and the employees make themselves smaller than they are
  • Before something happens have all the details discussed and thrashed be

In our seminars

There is little theory, but many practical exercises and examples. Modern methods and participation instead of frontal are in the foreground. After the first seminar day, you can apply and implement the content directly.

After our seminars

you can build even faster and more effectively with other rapport. They use their charm even more successfully to get the cooperation of colleagues, patients, and family members, who were previously difficult to motivate. Immediately. Aeronautics, NASA, mass transit, management, schools, medicine and politics use the methods successfully.

PCM® and other methods we use have been proven to be very successful in increasing the effectiveness of staff, physicians and nurses when it comes to personal interaction. They reach their destination faster. With Design Thinking, you or your team can quickly create new ideas that can be implemented immediately.

As a participant of a PCM seminar, you will receive an individual personality profile. This document helps to better understand oneself and to improve the communication strategies, especially for those who have not been reached before.

Get to know us and our methods in an introductory workshop.

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