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Happy Life

Hey, work should be fun!

How do you manage to bring in your creativity so that work is a place where you can also experience fun and variety?

So that you can be as open, uncomplicated and spontaneous as you are.

Do you know the following situations?

  • Before you try something simple, have all the details discussed and thrashed be
  • A colleague is always focused on what goes wrong, even if it’s just trifles
  • You want to lighten the situation with a cheerful saying and notice that your counterpart does not respond or with a lesson

Our seminars

are fun. Little theory, many practical exercises and examples. Modern methods and participation instead of frontal are in the foreground. Already on the first day of the seminar, you can apply and implement the content directly.

After our PCM basic seminar

Use your wit and creativity more purposefully to get the collaboration of colleagues, patients, and family members who were previously difficult to motivate. Immediately. Aviation, NASA, mass transit, management, schools, medicine and politics are using the method successfully.

PCM has been proven to be very successful in increasing the effectiveness of staff, physicians and nurses when it comes to personal interaction. They arrive faster, easier and more relaxed to their destination.

Other methods such as Design Thinking are also used here – with us you learn with fun and ease. The participants confirm that it is worthwhile coming to us just because of the varied methods. 

Get to know us and our methods in an introductory workshop if you want.

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