Process Communication Model – communication training

We train leaders and teams for optimal performance

Ideas and Visions

Is it important to you that annoying time-consuming discussions are targeted, effective, clear and stress-free?

Do you want your work to be seen and your good ideas heard and implemented?

Should your employees implement their “rules of the game”?

Are you new to your leadership role? Work with us to develop your personal vision as a leader for more sustainability and implementation.

Do you know the following situations?

  • An employee often makes “stupid” mistakes and invites negative criticism, makes himself smaller in front of others “Why does this always have to happen to me?”
  • Someone keeps bringing others to do the work for him.
  • A colleague does not support his staff accordingly “If that’s too much for you, you’re probably not right here!”

In our seminars and training

We attach great importance to working together with you on your goals.

After our PCM basic seminar

You can quickly and effectively build rapport with others. You gain the cooperation of your patients, colleagues and family members. Immediately. The Process Communication Model® is used successfully in many areas worldwide (eg aviation, NASA, public transport, management, schools, medicine).

By decrypting the other’s behaviour, after the seminar, you can identify the early warning signs that indicate when communication begins to slip constructively and cooperatively into destructive. They learn to counteract individually when miscommunication leads to mismanagement and ultimately to harm.

These tools have been proven to be very useful in increasing the effectiveness of staff, physicians and nurses when it comes to personal interaction.

In addition to the PCM method, we also work with Design Thinking to truly address the needs of participants and their customers in the broadest sense.

Get to know us and our methods in an introductory workshop.

If you would like to expand communication or leadership skills for your team, please contact us. We create measures tailored to you and your goals.