Process Communication Model – communication training

We train leaders and teams for optimal performance


Do you sometimes need leadership?

Do you often need to be told exactly what to expect from you to find a creative solution in peace?

You’ll find the answer here.

Do you know the following situations?

  • You will be asked for your opinion, you should respond spontaneously, but it is difficult for you to respond ad hoc ?
  • Selling yourself, others can do better, but then sit at the longer lever
  • You are bubbling with creativity and ideas, but you can not easily communicate them to others?

Our seminars

  • make you think.
  • offer a little theory and a lot of action.
  • open horizons.

We take enough breaks to process what we have learned.

After our PCM basic seminar

You can build faster and more effectively with other rapport. You use your peace and serenity in a more targeted manner, in order to get the cooperation of colleagues, patients, and family members, who would otherwise be difficult to motivate and achieve. , Aviation, NASA, mass transit, management, schools, medicine and politics are using the method successfully.

PCM® has been proven to be very useful in increasing the effectiveness of staff, physicians and nurses when it comes to personal interaction. You’ll reach your destination easier and more relaxed and know how to take care of yourself to stay healthy and motivated.

All participants receive an individual personality profile. This document helps to better understand oneself and to improve the communication strategies, especially for those who have not been reached before.

Get to know us and our methods in an introductory workshop. 

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