Dr. Weinert Communications-Process communication model seminars in Germany

Seminars and communication training for executives, managers in occupational health management, the doctor, practice team and the clinic, educators as well as for all interested parties who successfully strengthen their communication and personality with PCM and Want to develop further.

In our process communication Model seminars & communication Training

  • Get to know your own strengths, your personal motivation and your behavior under pressure.
  • Recognize the individual needs and the preferred communication style of your counter(communicating successfully).
  • Motivate the recipient so that your message arrives at him (employee motivation).
  • Reduce conflicts by recognizing at the first sign what you and your counterbalance again (conflict management).
  • Build a trusting partnership with others.
  • Learn what is important to you in life and how best to charge your battery (burnout prevention).
  • Achieve a rapid implementation of the communication model into practice and integration into daily life.

With us-Dr. Weinert Communications…

  • It's about you.
  • Learn the PCM method know-how.
  • There's time to think.
  • Your opinion is important.
  • May be laughed.
  • is practised immediately.

We attach great importance to staying in dialogue even after the seminars in order to ensure sustainable success.

Dr. Weinert Communications PCM Seminar-Overview

For companies we offer in addition a tailor-made in-house training!