Process communication model for getting to know
Workshop & Communication Training Dr. Weinert Communications

How do I tick? How do the others tick? Usually it works well with communication – but sometimes it seems exhausting or impossible? Understanding yourself and others is the first step to improving communication!

The Process Communication Model (PCM) helps you to better understand human behavior and communication styles in a simple and applicable way. Process communication According to the founder Dr. Taibi Balder – A model for you? Decide in just two hours!

Our meeting offer for you
Workshop Process Communication Model-Dr. Weinert Communications

Invest only 2 hours and you can

  • To assess the motivation of their fellow human beings and their own much better
  • Deal more openly with people who are otherwise foreign to you
  • Assess and understand different stress reactions correctly
  • Experience the first moments of AHA
  • Decide whether we will fit by Dr. Weinert Communications and our methods to you

You decide whether you want to get your own key to yourself at the introductory workshop in the process communication model.

Your individual personality profile
Gives you a picture of 45 questions,

  • How you perceive the world
  • What motivates you and what psychic needs you have
  • Takes into account a change of motivation in the course of life
  • How you can take care of yourself so as not to fall into the stress trap
  • How to react under stress
  • How to prevent burn-out
  • Which behavior in others will cause you problems and how you can avoid them

All data will be treated with absolute confidentiality and are only known to us!

Registration for the introductory workshop in the process communication model
Communication training Dr. Weinert Communications

Dates: 12. June 2018 19-21 pm
Workshop-Location: München, Praximum

Cost Workshop: 99,-EUR incl. Vat.

Personality profile: on request
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