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We participated in the PCM seminar of Margit and Mark Weinert as part of our annual tour. Despite the different characters in our team, all colleagues have access to this model. For the communication in the team and with our customers – as well as for everyone in private – The seminar has opened up an interesting new perspective, especially concerning conflict situations and/or miscommunication. PCM-a concept that is well understood and presented and conveyed by Margit and Mark Weinert very personally, full of heart and practice. We highly recommend participation as a team/department/Company in order to strengthen the mutual understanding for the "differentness" of colleagues and customers.

Dr. Michael Weber, managing director hire a doctor group, Berlin

We are a medical simulation center and have conducted both the basic seminar and the Advanced-seminar PCM in our company. We have learned a great deal for the daily use of our participants, but also for the cooperation with our own colleagues. We thank Margit and Mark for the many small and big tips and do not want to miss them in daily use. The stress behaviour of the participants in the patient simulator and the debriefing of critical situations is much easier for us with the background knowledge of PCM than before. It is also exciting to employ employees from a wide range of personalities and to use them as much as possible according to their needs, in order to provoke little stress behaviour. Then everyone is happy, the collaboration is creative and satisfactory for most employees. After the two seminars we do not always succeed in this, but we need more practice. We are therefore planning a close cooperation with PCM simulation and are looking forward to working with you.

Dr. Matina Heinrichs and Prof. Wolfgang Heinrichs, managing director AQAI, simulation center Mainz

In my area I have offered the communication training PCM self-sufficient and voluntarily to my executives and financially supported. of 24 executives, 21 took part in the seminar and I see the success of the seminar. The executives felt much better in their task of communicating with their employees, they learned to deal with their employees in an understanding and caring manner, and they quickly reached constructive results. The executives thanked me very much for their appreciation of such a special seminar. Very often I heard in the context "This was the best seminar that Lufthansa ever offered me!"

Petra von Schmeling-Diringshofen, head of passenger support service Lufthansa

Of all the countless further trainings is the PCM course, which I think of even after years on a daily basis. That helps me better understand my colleagues and is useful almost every day.

Dr. Thomas Kieber, senior physician Anesthesia

I could not imagine anything at all at first under PCM, but had the urgent suspicion that it could be "some sodding a chatter". Had not mark been the initiator and if I had not already known him in the past and may have learned, I would still be pregnant today with this suspicion and would certainly not have registered for the seminar. Sometimes you just have to be "forced" to his luck, or should we say, "motivated". How often do you meet people that you don't know for a second, but you don't like them, or you simply get on your nerves. Or why can one just as well with the one, why do you understand yourself blind and even deaf? Through the concept, the different personality types are in principle first evident and subsequently also transparent. One learns to recognize that some frustraner conversation start can be positively influenced by simple truly to Gusten of a satisfactory dialogue. In my opinion, participation in the "Weinert Seminar" should be considered as a compulsory event for everyone working in the team. But the concept also opens up unforeseen horizons for dealing with the private sector and therefore deserves the predicate "especially valuable".

Dr. Christian Höpfner, senior physician Gynecology

"When I first heard about PCM, I thought, Nice, a new communication concept that sounds good in theory but is only limited or not applicable in practice. I was all the more surprised at what is hidden behind PCM. A simple but even more efficient structure and logic. When Margit gave me a first brief overview, I was immediately fire and flame. After I went to the course I was completely amazed. One understands immediately what it is all about and can take a lot of valuables for oneself, his everyday work and his private relationships. Suddenly one understands why the same patterns repeat again and again in the same "fat Wells", but above all how easy it is to control a situation and oneself. Simply the right way to delegate, ask or answer opens unimaginable doors. Situations that previously appeared difficult or frightening are suddenly easy to act. I can recommend PCM to anyone who is looking for a slightly learned and logical way to make life easier through proper communication. I'm looking forward to the next course. Thank you Margit and mark for this, for me especially valuable, seminar. “

Manuela Holtmann, head of first class services, Deutsche Lufthansa AG

"I know one of the one knows, Dä would conceive do jeiht still jet, dä it still waach…" is the chorus of (!) Fastelovend-Sessionshits 2017 in Cologne entitled "Dä Plan" by the group Querbeat. Huh?, one or the other might think at this point and wonder if PCM is perhaps about Cologne Sproch (language) or even carnival. No, that's not the point, although in the seminar with Margit and mark the fun is not too short and a lot of laughter is also being laughed. Those who attend the seminar will end up understanding that a rebel is described in this song quite wonderfully and accurately. This is one of six personality types that you will encounter in the seminar, but especially in everyday life. In addition to recognizing personality types, PCM provides a lot more answers to what motivates and drives each of these types in its base and phase, what makes it stressful and how we can manage to get in touch with each other best. It is simply a matter of getting to know and understand yourself and the other "types". The PCM seminar will show you very practical and functional paths. Recognizing behaviour patterns, understanding them and, above all, responding and acting purposefully in a logical, emotional, playful or direct way, so much can be expected. This benefits you not only in your professional communication but also in your private environment. Sign In, use it! Oh yes, in High German the song is called "The Plan" and the chorus reads: "I know one of the one who says that there is something else that is still awake."

Dr. Reiner will, managing partner and co-founder of the Assekurata Insurance rating agency, Cologne

"When I first heard about the PCM concept, I was very sceptical-what can you learn in such a short time? They just want to sell me something! And I can actually communicate quite well… Then I was invited by Margit to a PCM seminar-and had to completely revise my opinion. I was presented with a concept that is not only good to understand, but that I can really apply to myself. I learned a lot about myself, my needs and my way of communicating. But it also helped me understand other people, their communications, behaviors and needs, and how communication is often so ineffective and complicated. Margit-Your seminar opened my eyes to a new world and gives me a whole new opportunity to "work together", be it professionally or privately, to make it better. "

Dr. Sabine Pecher FANZCA, medical specialist for anesthesia

"This will add a new dimension to my client assessment process as a therapist and also enable me to understand some current difficulties in my workplace…"

Andrew Hadwick, hypnotherapy, New Zealand

"The PCM seminar is not the first communication seminar I have attended. Previously, I had to experience several times that many models are quite appealing in theory, but implementation in practice is often not practical. I was therefore sceptical about the PCM concept. I was all the more surprised when in a short time, based on a previously collected, short personality analysis, I was told a convincing picture of my own communication skills, deficits and needs. Conversely, one learns in a relatively simple way to assess the interlocutor and to meet him. This knowledge suddenly makes communication more effective and more satisfying for both partners. Of course, this concept must also be practised in practice. However, for me it is so convincing that it is already the perfect basis for a harmonious and successful togetherness in both private and professional. And why should a concept that NASA and many business companies worldwide successfully use for years not be applicable and useful in a small framework, in dealing with superiors, colleagues or in-laws? "

Dr. Karin Tyralla, Doctor of Anesthesia

"Behaviorally conspicuous students, on some persistent colleagues, difficult parents ' conversations — who doesn't know that at school? In my opinion, PCM offers another — a good way to deal with different situations better. You learn a lot about yourself and can use PCM to better assess your situation in a short time, to recognize stress situations and react accordingly. A large number of talks can be so much more positive. PCM is a great tool. "

Birte Jacoby-Reese, Realschule teacher

"In the PCM seminar you learn about different types of personality and communication and their characteristic behaviors, needs and shortcomings. This basic framework provides a very good tool to help various interlocutors and to find the right communication and motivation channel for them. Likewise, it becomes more understandable why communication is sometimes complicated and disso-Nant. The PCM seminar gives many pragmatic hints to practice in everyday life and to understand himself and his opposite in the communicative approach and in the reactive behavior of BES. "

Prof. Dr. Brigitte Mayinger

"I took part in New Zealand in the summer of 2010 in a one-day seminar to introduce the ' process communication model ', which was headed by Margit Weinert. I would like to take part in continuing seminars on this very interesting and versatile communication model, since after this first brief insight I found the presented approaches again and again, both professionally (tourism) and privately. "

Barbara Panettieri, tour operator

"It was actually the key to me that changed my life. I think that in the few days I have opened a door to myself, which I have seen before, but the said key was missing. Many communication problems would be avoidable, one would sit back mentally before a discussion and make a brief profile of his opposite. And most of the "discussion opponents" have been known for a long time, many people already have a pretty clear character, but the communication channels are still unclear. PCM has helped me to tune the transmitter and receiver frequencies and thus prevent disputes and misunderstandings. I found it very helpful to use PCM in medical emergency situations. I have been impressed by how colleagues and friends in stressful situations, a supposedly different personality. Now it is clear to me that this is not a change of personality, but a comprehensible reaction according to your character. Summa summarum: Dr. Weinert for a better world. Would this communication course, for example, Without exception all employees of a working group can achieve a more satisfied co-existence, more harmony and a lower error rate. I am convinced of that; That's my opinion. "

Dr. Mario Moser, anesthesiologist

"I am quite overwhelmed at the ability of this tool to show where we are in our own lives/selves. I would love to share this with clients and workplace professionals I work alongside. "

Ann-Marie Pike, Councellor & Psychologist, New Zealand

"This PCM course (Balder Communications Oceania Ltd.) was a great success and, after some initial skepticism had been overcome, it developed into a break-through type of event. This is borne out by the fact that, at the end of the three days, a commitment to more effective communication across all professional groups within the hospital had been agreed upon. The participants – the whole management group of the physician side of the hospital – agreed on the need to improve communication and culture across the whole hospital and that PCM will continue to be a key element in achieving these goals. "

Dr Sven Stand, director of Anaesthesia and intensive care medicine at Maennedorf Hospital, Zurich/Switzerland

"I find it difficult to describe all the impressions, insights, overwhelming insights… still need time to wrap my head around everything, I can say that I have seldom moved something as your seminar. However, let me try to write an adequate evaluation, but it is hardly fair to your performance. In the belief of learning communication patterns for mediation or solving conflict-prone professional situations, I signed up for the seminar process communication model. My expectations were surpassed many times over. To this day, I have a lasting discussion of the contents of the seminar. Much more than just the learning of communication patterns, the self-knowledge of one's own character was underlined here. After initial surprise, this allows a deep understanding of one's own motivation, frustration patterns are suddenly understood in their meaning and provide long-term valuable insights into the resulting stress management. The instructors taught the content with contagious enthusiasm, well-founded and confident in a beautiful environment. With great enthusiasm I will fathom the model for myself deeper and certainly participate in further seminars. Thank you very much for that. "

Head Doctor Ent, Munich

"we only had one training in our team, at all levels, privately and professionally, has a lot of effect! And still works, after years!"

Petra Dahm, founder Helo-Flame