Finding quick access to the opposite is the key to a successful interrelated process communication according to Dr. Taibi Kahler. Why do we perceive communication as easy in some people and all doors seem to be locked in others? How do I tick – how do others tick? How do we react under stress? How do I find quick access to the opposite? How do we motivate employees?

What can you achieve with the Process Communication Model?

Applying the Process Communication Model methods helps you to quickly find the right frequency, because it focuses more on the "how", i.e. on the "what" is communicated. With Process Communication, you also understand those who have appeared difficult before. Compared to other models, the Process Communication Model goes a step further and explains why you react so and not differently under pressure and shows ways out of the stress trap. PCM helps to better charge your own battery, and then how to help others out of their unpleasant behaviors. In the medical field, the Process Communication according to Dr. Taibi Kahler provides tools for successful patient communication, for more effective communication in emergency situations and for more balance among medical staff. As a result, the dismissal rate of trained personnel in hospitals has been shown to be significantly lower and patient safety increased. The goal of Process Communication is a respectful, understanding and effective way of dealing with each other – in all areas of co-operation, living together and communicating on a daily basis together.

PCM Methods help you to

  • strengthen your leadership skills
  • improve your communication skills and
  • to promote your ability to relate

The Process Communication Model provides a basis for

  • quick and effective contact building
  • communicating successfully
  • successfully conducting relationships
  • motivating our fellow human beings and employees
  • assessing stress reactions from us and others
  • constructive and sustainable conflict resolution (conflict management)
  • stress management
  • Burnout prevention

With Process Communication according to Dr. Taibi Kahler you understand

your own personality much better and consciously deal with strengths and weaknesses. You deliberately use communication and leadership styles and are able to recognize different motivations and behavior under stress.

PCM is suitable for all areas and industries

Whether as an executive, team member, person in charge of corporate health management, as an employee in so-called "high risk industries" such as medicine and aviation, teachers or at home in the family, in dealing with partners and children – the Process Communication Model is an enrichment for all areas of life. Process Communication according to Dr. Taibi Kahler simply explained – check out our process Communication model video posts. Communication training and seminars "process communication model" in Germany-Dr. Weinert Communications.