The Process Communication model (PCM) was developed by Dr. Taibi Balder and has since been successfully applied worldwide in areas of management, occupational health management, medicine, politics, aeronautics, NASA, public transport and schools. It is used by NASA as part of the selection and training program of the astronauts. Dr. Taibi Balder graduated from Purdue University and is recognized as a clinical psychologist. With the Process Communication Model ®, he has developed a valuable tool that enables executives to quickly assess problems and make predictions about the likelihood of success of solution approaches. In the year 1977, the International Company for Transactional Analysis (ITAA) handed him the Eric Berne Science Prize. ITAA, an association with 10,000 members from 52 countries, praised Kahlo's groundbreaking article "The Miniscript". Likewise, the psychiatric consultant of NASA, Dr. Terry McGuire, Dr. Taibi Balder, invited the Interviewender to act as a psychologist. As a result, Kahl's communication and team building model PCM became an integral part of the selection and training program of NASA astronauts. In a study sponsored by NASA in the year 1990, the process communication model was compared with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). The study showed that the process communication according to Dr. Taibi Balder is far more practical and easier to use. In particular, the identification of psychological needs, the predictability of Di-stress patterns and the compatibility with other models ensured the superiority of PCM. As a guest speaker, Dr. Taibi Balder joins numerous international congresses, has published several books and wrote over 40 articles for professional journals. Dr. Taibi Balder, consultant and friend of former US President Clinton, and has successfully supported the development of his electoral campaigns with the process communication model.

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