"Our goal is to
In all areas of life
To increase their efficiency,
To use talents in many ways
and reduce conflicts. "
Margit and Dr. Mark Weinert


Dr. Weinert Communications-Process communication model
Our Vision

  • Touching people's lives, especially in stressful moments
  • Helping everyone to succeed through more effective communication
  • Offer assistance with burnout prevention
  • We particularly care about successful patient communication, patient satisfaction and patient safety at heart

Our goal

  • Your dialogue is productive thanks to successful and authentic communication
  • You know how to stay in the green area and how to help other people stay there
  • You can better help yourself and others out of the stress trap

Your result with the process communication model

  • Growing success and new energies in professional and private life
  • Strengthening your leadership skills
  • Increase your communication skills
  • Successful establishment of contacts and relationships with other
  • Sustainable motivation and enthusiasm of other people
  • Constructive conflict resolution
  • Understanding Your Personality
  • Conscious handling of strengths and weaknesses, communication and leadership styles, mental needs and behavioural patterns and behaviour under negative stress

Process communication model – from New Zealand to Germany

Even before we moved to the world's most deserted country, New Zealand, we recognized and discussed the parallels in the "high risk industries" of medicine and aviation.

We noticed that in Germany communication training in medicine was only at the beginning of the development, while these in aviation have long been the standard.

We found the solution in New Zealand. Independently of each other we were able to get to know the process communication Model (PCM) in our professions in aviation and medicine. Since we were both convinced of this communication training, we have trained ourselves to become certified trainers in Process Communication model (PCM) and in New Zealand offered the following three years of training in the medical field.

Since 2010 we have been back in Germany and have been conducting process communication model trainings, both as open seminars and in-house trainings since then. Especially the trainings in the medical field show that the process communication model increases the communication skills within a team, especially in stressful situations, and thus avoids conflicts or can be solved faster.

Our seminars are aimed primarily at executives, managers in occupational health management, the doctor, the Practice and clinic team and the educators. Our specialty is communication in medicine-as an executive, as a team member and in dialogue with the patient and his relatives.