With process communication for a successful meeting

Are you annoyed by eternal power struggles and endless discussions in your meetings? You find it regrettable that only the same employees always get a high share of speech? Would you like to focus on the content in important meetings and workshops and not take care of the process?

With our moderation you come to fast success in your meetings and workshops!

Our offer in moderation includes

  • Team Development processes
  • Conflict
  • Leadership Training
  • Employee motivation
  • Change Management
  • Processes

To get everyone involved and achieve their goals, we work with activating, diversified and effective methods.

Why Dr. Weinert Communications

Our speciality is to maintain a successful communication, even if it is jammed.

We place special emphasis on

  • Friendly, respectful interaction with each other
  • Individual approach tailored to your needs, goals and employees
  • Creating understanding for everyone involved
  • Good time management
  • Activating, varied methods
  • Disturbances and conflicts as well as resistances are taken up and used productively
  • Visualisation during and after the event

Advantage for you

  • Productive results – they focus on the content, we are about the process
  • Challenging situations – we are neutral and the view from the outside makes it possible to use these situations in favour of valuable results
  • Your goals will be achieved faster

In advance, we conduct in-depth discussions with our clients to understand their needs and to take into account the development of an individual moderation concept.

Are you looking for a moderator for your workshop? Arrange a free first interview!