What is the Process Communication Model ® (PCM)?


Process Communication Model – Seminars & Communication Training

Increase your successful communication with the Process Communication Model methods! Build up your leadership skills. Reduce stress. Motivate yourself and employees. The Process Communication Model promotes healthy, efficient and sustainable communication. Dr. Weinert Communications offers PCM® seminars for executives, managers in occupational health management, doctors and clinicians, educators as well as for any interested person who wants to successfully develop further leadership and communication skills. Our expert team specializes in the high-risk industries of medicine and aviation. With Dr. Weinert Communications, you can reduce your own stress behaviour and help others out of stressful behavior quickly. Using the Process Communication Model ® and your own personality profile, a new dimension of understanding human behavior opens up for you. In their seminars, Dr. Weinert Communications combine the basic PCM ® theory with a lot of practice, fun, and exciting methods. Get to know the Process Communication according to Dr. Taibi Kahler. Use PCM ® for your professional and personal success!