Communication training for the Doctor and the hospital – validated with PCM

Your contribution to successful patient communication & to increase patient safety

The process communication model is one of the few personality and communication models that are scientifically validated.

Used in five continents, in over 30 languages, for over 30 years, it has proven its quality. A large number of studies have shown the value and success of PCM ® over and over again.

The model has a broad scientific basis and is based on over twenty years of work in the field of psychology and personality research. Dr. Taibi Balder was awarded the "Eric Berne Memorial Prize" for the performance and importance of the research.

Overview of selected studies

An overview of the validation of the personality questionnaire, which provides the basis of the communication model, can be obtained from the website of our partners in Oceania.

Study on verification and reliability of validation, also in English

PCM ® used in NASA, Terry MC Guire, the chief psychiatrist writes about his experience with the process communication model at NASA

For an introduction to how the process communication model can be used in medicine, see Dr. Mark Weinert's article, published in "The Anesthesiologist"

For more specific examples in medicine, read the book by Pauly and Pauly: "Establishing a culture of patient safety, improving communication, building relationships, and using quality tools, 2011, where Dr. Mark Weinert is co-author.