Communication & Leadership Training
7 steps from the stress trap to effective communication

Understanding yourself and others is the first step to improving communication. The Process Communication Model helps you to better understand human behavior and communication styles in a simple and applicable way. In 7 steps you get from the stress trap to an effective communication.

The Dr. Weinert Communications Core Process Communication Seminar is aimed at

Executives, managers in occupational health management, doctors and educators as well as all interested parties who successfully strengthen and further develop their communication and personality with the Process Communication Model.

After our 3-day seminar

You can use the Process Communication Model, as an executive or team member, in management, in negotiations, in daily work practice as well as in your private life. You communicate more successfully and deepen your relationships with others. In distress you stay more relaxed and can also help others in stressful situations. In our training, your individual profile, which includes your personality structure, strengths, stressors and an action plan for the success of the seminar, is included.

The Process Communication according to Dr. Taibi Kahler gives executives, employees, especially doctors and clinic teams as well as those responsible for corporate health management, a quick insight

  • into one's own personality structure (personality development)
  • into personal strengths and behavior under pressure (Stress management & conflict Management)
  • Provides practice-related techniques for leadership, teamwork, employee motivation and customer orientation (including patient communication)

Objectives of the Core Seminar-Dr. Weinert Communications

  • Getting to know yourself better
  • Understanding others better
  • Learn personality-specific communication to develop effective collaboration
  • Targeted leadership and employee motivation
  • Sensitisation for behavior under stress with yourself and others
  • Burnout Prevention

Content of the Process Communication Model seminar

  • Individual personality profile
  • Seminar Documents
  • Meals in coffee and lunch breaks
  • Access to the Special PCM ® app

Register for PCM Core
Communication Training and Seminar Dr. Weinert Communications

The number of participants is limited to 10 in order to ensure individual support and thus ensure the success of the seminar!

Dates: 16. up to 18. Nov. 2018/6. up to 8. April 2019/16. up to 18. November 2019
Seminar Location: Hubertusstr. 22 Munich
Seminar Fee: 1397,-EUR excl. Vat.
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